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Bringing together the work Thekla does to support safer nights out

Bringing together the work Thekla does to support safer nights out

By Alex Black, General Manager

Moored in Bristol’s floating harbour since the early 80s, Thekla has been a mainstay of the city’s night life for over 30 years. Playing host to a mix of live music and club events covering all genres almost everyone in Bristol can give you a story of a great night out they’ve had on board the good ship.

One aspect we focus on is ensuring those stories of great nights continue for years to come and this means making sure all of our customers feel safe and comfortable no matter what event they’re here for. I became aware of the Zero Tolerance Pledge through social media and immediately reached out to get involved. It’s a great way to help communicate our efforts to a wider audience and highlight Thekla as the safe space we strive for it to be.

We already employ ‘Drinkaware Crew’, members of our team who are trained by Drinkaware to help ensure customers who have partied a little too hard still get home safely. Working alongside Barnardos we have provided training to our staff in matters concerning patrons under 18 and thanks to our new relationship with Zero Tolerance we have been put in touch with the Good Night Out team and we aim to get them down for some additional staff training as soon as we can.


It would be great for more venues across Bristol to sign up to the project and help stamp out harassment in the night time trade and beyond.


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