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Der Liebe sign up to Bristol Zero Tolerance at their Ejeca night

Der Liebe sign up to Bristol Zero Tolerance at their Ejeca night

By Irene Campos, Owner and Resident DJ

I started to run Der Liebe nearly 2 years ago driven by the need to bring melodic techno and house to Bristol. I particularly started to like this music genre whilst I was living in London and felt that there was a gap in the market in Bristol, which needed to be filled. I also became more interested in darker sounds of electronica and techno, and a year ago I launched our sister night ‘The Dark Side’, which focuses on these sub-genres of electronica and techno, as well as on live hardware and modular synth.

I started small in summer 2017 because as a student, I felt I could not really risk with the little money I had. For my first night I collaborated with another night at The Love Inn and it was a success. So I decided to continue running my nights, but always keeping in mind to remain small. My nights have now grown and I have thrown parties at venues like The Island or Blue Mountain terrace, and booked artists of the size of Regis and Ejeca to name a few. We have had a full room at all our recent parties, but I still love the idea of keeping our nights intimate.

Moving on, gender inequality has always been a topic I’ve felt fascinated about and during my degree in Business and HR Management at UWE, I had the opportunity not only to explore this issue, but all types of discrimination. As someone passionate on this topic I felt with the need to pursue equality in the music industry through my nights. For this reason since day one, Der Liebe has booked numerous female DJs, as well as many DJs from a range of nationalities. I am proud to say that since the year started we have had more women involved than ever before, and I have been able to bring gender balanced line ups at most of our recent nights.

I also found out about Zero Tolerance policies at the start of last year and I began to implement this at all our nights. I believe as an event organiser I have the responsibility to provide a safe environment to all our attendees and for this reason it is vital for my night to raise awareness about this issue. Also because our night emphasizes love (liebe means love in German) and a sense of community,  it is essential for us to keep the good and friendly vibes at all our events.

I am glad we are finally partnering up with Bristol Zero Tolerance to implement a zero tolerance in harassment and a safe environment in a more efficient and formal way than we used to. Me and my team really want to show to the people attending our nights that we are committed to tackle any type of inappropriate behaviour.

We are happy to support Bristol Zero Tolerance at our up coming nights through fundraising, the first event is at The Loco Klub on 3rd August.


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