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‘Don’t Tell Your Mother’ – creating safer spaces for everyone!

‘Don’t Tell Your Mother’ – creating safer spaces for everyone!

By Lloyd Durquhart

DTYM or ‘Don’t Tell Your Mother’ is an LGBTQ+ club night in Bristol. We say LGBT+FRIENDS as everyone is truly welcome through the doors to have a good time. Started by two friends with a need to DJ and create a fun atmosphere for our mates it is now run by Nic, Christopher and myself (Lloyd).

We started small in the summer of 2014, set up in the back room of The Phoenix pub and since then have celebrated our second birthday, played Motion, a huge party at The Old Market Assembly with other artists, dancers and drag acts and played the O2 Academy Bristol. This summer will see out festival debut. We still love our original home at The Phoenix but now we’ve taken over the building and there’s usually a queue out the door. 🙂

We really wanted DTYM to be for everyone and it was absolutely vital to us that people in attendance felt comfortable enough to be themselves and to join us in creating a loving atmosphere. What we couldn’t have predicted is just how much of a friendly and social aspect the night has turned into.

As the night grows and more people are in attendance we strive hard to keep our core values ever present. With this in mind when we came across Bristol Zero Tolerance through friends, it made so much sense for us to join forces and to sign up to the pledge. Everything Bristol Zero Tolerance stands for is exactly what we believe in and with their help we have been able to raise awareness and publicise our pledge and commitment to a safe environment louder than before.

We want everyone who comes to our events to be aware that we are committed to eliminate oppressive actions, behaviours and language within the space. Going forward we will continue our partnership with Bristol Zero Tolerance and over the coming months have a fundraiser to help support all the work they do in our community.

We want to do everything we can to tackle these behaviours and it’s a fantastic knowing we have the support from such a great organisation.


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