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Help Bristol Zero Tolerance to provide more training on street safety to women and girls across the city!

Help Bristol Zero Tolerance to provide more training on street safety to women and girls across the city!

By supporting our Summer Appeal you will help us to continue providing our successful training to women and girls across Bristol on situational awareness and self-defence to help them to feel more confident responding to harassment and keep them safer on the streets and in public places.

The Sister Courage training is a series of workshops within the Bristol Zero Tolerance Street Harassment Project which all aim to support women and vulnerable people to reclaim control over potentially harmful situations. The workshops build confidence and awareness of street safety and teach participants about techniques which will keep them safe. Participants are empowered to respond to street harassment and other forms of harassment safely and clearly and also to be active bystanders and support others in their communities to do the same. This feeds into the preventative approach of Bristol Zero Tolerance as a way to change attitudes and behaviours that enable violence and harassment against women, and create a community response to this.

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What have we done so far?

The Sister Courage training has been run as a pilot with 5 women in April 2018 then with 35 individual women from across Bristol in December 2018, with 30 women at our International Women’s Day event in March 2019, with 10 Bristol Student Union members in June 2019, and with 15 college students in July 2019. We currently have a number of local organisations who are also interested in running the training within their organisations and for the people they work with.

Evaluation from the training has shown that it has met the expectations of participants and has exceeded these for a number of people by integrating theory and practice. Participants found the interactive nature of the workshops useful giving them an opportunity to speak with other women about their experiences. The openness of the space coming from a female-led perspective also helped them to feel safe and able to speak honestly. The practical aspects of the workshops were also valued, from understanding the law to learning strategies to assess threat, recognise body language and take action, as well as physical self-defence techniques to de-escalate and escape dangerous situations through example scenarios. Participants also mentioned the expertise of the trainer and available resources as important elements of the training. Participants left feeling more empowered, assertive and confident to tackle harassment and help others as bystanders in their everyday interactions.

What people have said about the training:

I really loved this session, mainly for building my confidence. I feel very empowered! Also love how women-centered it is!”

Lots of interaction, well structured, knowledgeable facilitator.”

Good forum to discuss something which isn’t always focused on.”

Openness, camaraderie, honesty and sensitivity.”

Really good, left feeling more confident and empowered on how to react in different situations… Would recommend to others – should be taught in schools.”

Help us to continue providing this important training to more women

Supporting our Summer Appeal means that we will be able to roll out our Sister Courage training on street safety across the city and in particular to young people and vulnerable women.

Further funding will enable us to administrate and market the training, including advertising locally through social media and local media channels as well as producing resources and flyers for communication. We also want to offer the training free to small community organisations and groups and want to be able to manage finding and securing a venue and other costs for participants, such as travel and refreshments, as well as the trainer fee, so that they can participate. We also want to provide training for other organisations who can arrange their own venue and contribute to trainer costs.

We will work with our local partners in the voluntary sector to reach youth and community groups and vulnerable women and girls and to arrange the training with them. We want to target schools, colleges, student groups, youth organisations and community women’s organisations to reach those most in need of this training.

Help us to make this happen!


Find out more about the Appeal and what other great work you will be supporting here.



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