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Motion sign up to Bristol Zero Tolerance as they launch new In:Motion season

Motion sign up to Bristol Zero Tolerance as they launch new In:Motion season

By Faith Harmony Keller

Motion is an expansive multi room venue in the Temple Quay of Bristol, hosting a diverse range of club nights and live gigs throughout the year. As a nightclub that hosts some of the largest parties both nationally and internationally, we are keen to make sure we are always doing what we can to ensure the venue is an environment where people can enjoy themselves safely and free of any sexual assault or harassment. When we became aware of the Zero Tolerance pledge we were immediately keen to get involved and communicate the importance of this message and our ongoing efforts within the venue to a wider audience, and champion issues that go beyond simply club promotion.

Over the years we have put a lot of time and effort into educating all of our staff on the different types of sexual assault and harassment that may occur within the venue and the best practice to deal with it. By identifying staff who are unaware on how to define it, and giving them a better understanding to the scope of different types of assault, we have been able to raise awareness amongst the entire team at Motion. By putting such a policy in place we aim to mitigate assaults before they happen and minimise the chances of it happening on a night within our venue, as we feel strongly that there is no place for sexual harassment in nightclubs.

Our Security team strongly enforce a zero tolerance towards drugs and excessive alcohol intake at the venue, as those heavily under the influence are more likely to be involved in such assaults. They ensure this through working closely with Bristol Drugs Project, and Avon and Somerset Police, the use of amnesty boxes and having medics on site looking after intoxicated people.

In addition to these policies already in place, we are currently undergoing an entire restructure of the venue space, enlarging the dance floors to create a safer and more open environment for all to enjoy their night out safely.

We are also booking more female DJs and LGBTQ artists, as when we do, we see it reflected in the audience and we’re passionate about making Motion a venue that reflects all the fantastic, vibrant and diverse sides of Bristol’s nightlife. A regular favourite are the Bitch, Please! promoters, who run a LGBTQ friendly party and are also signed up to Bristol Zero Tolerance.

We understand that it is difficult to report unwanted attention on a night out as you are there to dance, but we strongly encourage those who are affected by any type of harassment or assault within the venue to report it immediately to a member of staff in the venue, and those who witness it happening to step in and call the perpetrator out. Together we can create a safe environment to enjoy some of the best music the world has to offer in our home of Bristol.

We are signing up as we launch our new In:Motion season so spread the word and join us for a fun and safe night out!


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