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No. 1 Harbourside completes the Zero Tolerance hat trick!

No. 1 Harbourside completes the Zero Tolerance hat trick!

By Clare Lowe, Events and Marketing Manager

No.1 Harbourside is a restaurant, bar and music venue bang in the middle of Bristol centre. Located on the historical harbourside it’s a meeting place for tourists and locals alike and being central it is a hotspot as a late-night bar, with live music every Wednesday through Sunday. Being a central location, we are a magnet to stag and hen do’s alike as well as the usual late-night crowd. Unfortunately, this can lead to situations where unwanted attention becomes the norm and this is something we want to stamp out. For us this means we want to make sure every customer feels safe no matter their sexual orientation, race, gender or ability.  We want to be a part of a city where it’s safe to go out, enjoy bars and feel safe in the knowledge that the venues you go to are striving to make a place where any kind of violence or verbal abuse is not tolerated.

We signed the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge, alongside partner venues The Old Market Assembly and The Canteen, to make it clear to customers that anyone displaying any kind of aggression or violence will not be tolerated and will be removed from the building. This has meant that our staff received Good Night Out training which has helped make our management team feel more confident dealing with these kinds of situations and goes to helping their well being too.


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