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See It From Her sign up to Bristol Zero Tolerance

See It From Her sign up to Bristol Zero Tolerance

See It From Her focus on giving a platform to women and girls in underprivileged, isolated or marginalised communities to have a voice, share their stories and be able to represent themselves through photography.

They only started up in February but have already had their first workshop, working with homeless women in partnership with The Big Issue Foundation.

Their next project is a three-day course working with women and girls from the Roma community, with an exhibition of their work in June 2016. This year they are also planning to work with female prisoners, survivors of sexual violence and survivors of trafficking and modern day slavery.

In September 2016 they are starting up a 1-1 mentoring programme for women in Bristol called The Bourke-White Programme. Mentees will get support for six weeks from a Photography Mentor to learn new skills and develop a project. The aim of this programme is not just to learn photography but for women to gain self-esteem, feel empowered and to build up their confidence.

See It From Her is entirely run by dynamic volunteers who want to create solutions to gender inequality.

The organisation has signed up to Bristol Zero Tolerance, as Project Manager Bryony Ball says “we want to be a part of Bristol Zero Tolerance because as an organisation and as individuals, we are passionate about ending gender-based violence therefore taking the pledge is fundamental to our mission.

 As an organisation we want to be at the forefront of initiating positive change and being part of this exciting project helps us to put steps in place to achieve this.

 Everyone has the right to live in a city free from gender-based violence and abuse. Having a Zero Tolerance City, to us, means actively finding ways to challenge sexism and discrimination on all levels as well as collectively taking responsibility and working together to combat violence and abuse.

We are very excited to be part of Bristol Zero Tolerance as it is an exciting initiative that is motivated to working towards this goal in a dynamic and solution focused way

Our vision is for charities, organisations and individuals to be working together and supporting each other to understand and identify all the forms of violence, abuse, inequalities and discrimination within our community, and how they intersect with one another.

We want to make strong links with other organisations to share resources and ideas, to support Bristol Zero Tolerance’s goals.”

For more information on See It From Her visit their website: www.seeitfromher.com


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