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Online hate crime and the use of social media in hate crime and abuse

By Anamaria Fonseca **This piece contains references to abuse, discrimination and violence that some readers may find upsetting or triggering** Amongst all the types of abuse that people can inflict upon one another, there is one that cannot keep being ignored especially nowadays – online hate crime. It can be manifested in different forms, but…
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How should journalists report gender-based violence?

  Gender-based violence is often in the news. Its prevalence in society makes it a ‘hot topic’ for reporters and its complex nature makes it an interesting issue for feature writers. However, the fact that gender-based violence is so complex can mean that even journalists with the best of intentions can misrepresent some of the issues and perpetuate…
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Bristol News and Media raising awareness about gender-based violence

Sarah Pullen, Managing Director of the of Bristol News and Media and the Bristol Post, met with Bristol Zero Tolerance to talk about how the media can support changing attitudes to gender-based violence and how media in Bristol can raise awareness about this issue locally. With a reach of approximately 100,000 people per day in…
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See It From Her sign up to Bristol Zero Tolerance

See It From Her focus on giving a platform to women and girls in underprivileged, isolated or marginalised communities to have a voice, share their stories and be able to represent themselves through photography. They only started up in February but have already had their first workshop, working with homeless women in partnership with The Big…
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