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Business West’s commitment to Zero Tolerance

We talked to James Durie, the Director of Business West and the Chamber of Commerce and Initiative about why he signed the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge and how this fits into their other work in the business community in the South West. For James joining the Bristol Zero Tolerance initiative “felt consciously part of what…
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First West of England’s Involvement in Zero Tolerance

First West of England were one of the first businesses to sign the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge. We talk to Managing Director James Freeman about why they signed up and what they have done since. “I signed up on the 7th of March and the very fact that we are part of this has made…
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Laura Bates: Gender-based violence is everybody’s business

**This piece contains references to content that some readers may find upsetting or triggering** Zero Tolerance Project Officer Charlotte Gage sat down with Guardian Columnist and Everyday Sexism Project founder Laura Bates to discuss Bristol’s initiative to tackle gender-based violence and how we should be tackling violence both in Bristol and nationally. We also discussed…
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