Bristol Zero Tolerance works in partnership with other organisations who provide training on gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation to make this available to those who sign up to the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge and to support them to implement their action plan.

We have put together a downloadable overview of organisations providing training to businesses and schools. You can also find some of this information below.


Any current training opportunities will be advertised here.



Bristol Against Violence and Abuse (BAVA) provide a range of free training including Understanding Sexual Violence and Understanding Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). For current training available see here.


BAVA Specialist Training

  • Designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of one area of domestic violence and abuse
  • Either one-day or half-day training sessions
  • Multi-Agency
  • Facilitated by qualified trainers with domestic violence and abuse work backgrounds

BAVA will be providing the following free specialist training;

Understanding Forced Marriage

Course aims: the learner will:-

  • Understand how and why forced marriage occurs
  • Understand how to respond to a victim of Forced marriage in order to protect their safety
  • Understand the support needs of victims of Forced Marriage and what support services are available
29th March 2017 9.30am – 1pm Vassall Centre


Engaging and Supporting Nomadic and Travelling Communities

Course aims:

 The training will provide professionals with a basic introduction to Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller (GRT) culture in order to understand the differing cultural priorities and concerns of these distinct travelling communities. It will also explore methods of best practice in working effectively with other agencies to improve GRT engagement in addressing issues of family violence and abuse.

22nd February 2017 1pm – 4.30pm St Werburghs Centre

 To book a place on either of the above training please visit: or for further information email



Training on: Equality, diversity and inclusion; domestic violence; LGBT+ awareness

The Diversity Trust offers consultancy and training on the prevention of domestic violence and abuse. They work with organisations and companies, online and face-to-face, to deliver small and large training events and conferences on domestic violence and abuse prevention, with a focus on working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people who are experiencing violence and abuse. They answer individual queries, audit policies and procedures, and improve accessibility for service users and customers, employees and communities.

Some examples of their wider programmes are: Achieving the Accessible Information Standard, Achieving Cultural Competence, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Identity, LGBT+ Awareness


Training and facilitation day rate: £700 (maximum 20 course participants)

Half-day training and facilitation sessions: £350 (maximum 20 course participants)

The delivery of equality briefing sessions, with larger audiences, is charged at a rate of £350 per briefing session.

Their desk-top research and consultancy day rate is £350.





Training on: Female genital mutilation (FGM)

Training for Professionals and Frontline Staff: Course geared towards equipping frontline staff with the knowledge and skills to respond to FGM. The training aims to equip professionals to confidently respond to FGM and enables them to develop action plans on FGM that are geared towards their specific setting.

Specific training sessions on FGM for health professionals, the police and legal professionals are also available, as well as bespoke courses for institutions and organisations.

Training courses can take from 2.5 hours to one day depending on your need.

Cost: Cost is dependent on the type and duration of training as well as your needs and budget. Please contact them to discuss your training needs.





Training on: Sexual harassment

Good Night Out is an international campaign which works with licensed premises to help deal with, tackle and prevent harassment on nights out. Through a safety pledge, awareness-raising poster campaign and specialist workshops for staff, managers and security, professional trainers deliver workshops to staff teams around creating an environment which does not tolerate unwanted sexual behaviour. This work is delivered independently and on behalf of partners such as Drinkaware and several London Boroughs.

Cost: Please contact them for more information and a quote.





Training on: Female genital mutilation (FGM), and engaging young people on challenging issues including grooming, radicalisation and child sexual exploitation (CSE). Soon also hoping to offer training around right-wing extremism and racism.

Bespoke training available depending on the needs of the organisation.

Cost: Local business – donation (suggested: £200)

Free training possible under certain circumstances




SARSAS (Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support) 

Training on: Sexual violence

Courses include Understanding Sexual Violence, Responding to Disclosures, Sexual Consent Workshops, Team Meeting Training and SARSAS Sexual Violence Referral Pathway Training.

Team Meeting Training: Free 30-minute training. A SARSAS trainer will attend your staff team meeting to discuss their service. The training is delivered in-house, is certificated and can count towards CPD. Discounts and training swaps with other charities are possible and bespoke training can be arranged.

Other bespoke courses are also available. They range in length from 30 minutes to 1 day.


Full day of training: £500 plus travel expenses

Half day of training: £350 plus travel expenses

Bespoke training full day: £750 plus travel expenses

One-hour workshop: £100 plus travel expenses

Team Meeting Training: Free

Discounts for charities and bulk booking are available.

Contact:; 0117 929 9556




Training on: Forced marriage, ‘honour’-based violence

Training is delivered to a variety of groups and can be tailored according to need.

They have delivered training to police, housing officers, university students, colleges, midwives, doctors and charities. One- or two-hour presentations as well as half-day training sessions available.

For more specific training information, please get in touch with them.

Cost: Costs vary depending on the organisation and can take the form of donations. Please contact them for a specific quote.




TIGER (Teaching Individuals Gender Equality and Respect)

Training on: Gender Stereotyping and Discrimination

In the primary and secondary school setting, TIGER works to comply with the Ofsted inspection framework that asks all schools to foster equal opportunities and promote inclusiveness. The aim is to improve young people’s wellbeing and mental health, develop resilience and character and develop new skills that will improve their educational attainment and help them become more ‘work ready’.

This is achieved by encouraging schools to have a whole-school approach to the workshops and including both students and teachers. Workshops are student-led and age-appropriate. Students are encouraged to think critically about how society, culture and media shape gender, and to what extent this can place limited expectations on young people.

TIGER deliver Gender Equality Mentor (GEM) training with young people to create sustainable change in their school. They also work with teachers and parents and deliver one-off sessions covering topics such as gender stereotyping, sexist bullying, consent, homophobia, and the representation of gender and sexuality in the media.

Bespoke workshops available.

Cost: Please contact them for a quote.





Training on: Human trafficking, modern slavery

Unseen can develop tailored training solutions for many different organisations on all aspects of the multi-agency response to human trafficking and modern slavery, and also including legal definitions, statutory duties and the Modern Slavery Act. They are able to develop anything from bespoke workshops to larger seminars and conferences.

For the standard training package please allow 3 hours for a training session. Maximum of 25 people per session.

For more specific training or consultancy, please get in touch with them.

Cost: Standard charge for training delivery for 25 people is £500 plus travel, accommodation and subsistence (if needed). Please contact them for a specific quote.





Training on: ‘Domestic Abuse: It’s Your Business’

Find out more here.


Bristol Zero Tolerance can also link you to organisations providing training for hotels on sexual exploitation, workshops on consent, and can find you training in other specialist areas if needed. We aim to work with your organisation or business to find the training that is appropriate for you and your staff.

If you would like more information about any of the training mentioned above please contact Bristol Zero Tolerance and we can put you in touch with the relevant contacts.