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The Bristol Street Harassment Project

We have set up The Bristol Street Harassment Project to highlight the impact of street harassment locally and support people to respond and be active bystanders. We also work with local decision makers to address street harassment as a city and encourage people to report gender/misogyny as a hate crime.

What is gender-based street harassment?

Bristol Zero Tolerance understands gender-based harassment as unwanted comments, gestures, and actions forced on a stranger in a public place without their consent and directed at them because of their real or perceived gender (whether male, female or non-binary).

At the core of this kind of harassment is a power dynamic that constantly reminds historically subordinated groups of their vulnerability to violence in public spaces and also reinforces the sexual objectification of these groups in everyday life.

Street harassment includes: unwanted leering, sexist, homophobic, biphobic or transphobic slurs, persistent requests for someone’s name, number or destination after they’ve said no, sexual names, comments and demands, following, flashing, public masturbation, groping, sexual assault, rape and hate crimes.


What can you do?

We want to support you to report incidents of street harassment to help us build a picture of the problem in Bristol and take action to challenge these behaviours and attitudes. Whether you want to report to the Police, share your story, or develop ways to respond safely, we’re here to support you.

Online Mapping: community safety audit

Take part in our community safety audit to record any incidents you experience or witness and create a picture of street harassment across the city.

Find out more about how to submit incidents here. 


Download our Street Harassment Toolkit:

Report harassment

You can report harassment to the police as a gender/misogyny hate crime if you want to or add any incidents to our local online map.

Respond safely

Find out about creative responses to harassment if you feel safe to.

Be an active bystander

Find out how you can be an active bystander if you witness harassment.

Campaign films

Watch personal testimonies of experiences of street harassment in Bristol and news reports on the introduction of the new gender/misogyny hate crime category in October 2017:

#snapshotofharassment local survey

Read the report from the #snapshotofharassment survey in 2017 on the prevalence of street harassment in Bristol. Particular thanks to Hack a Heckle for sharing their data with us.

Support Bristol Zero Tolerance

As an individual you can spread the word about the initiative and encourage your workplace, educational institution or other organisations to sign up to the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge and take action. In order to eradicate gender-based violence, we need to have a shared understanding, approach and commitment.

You can also invite us to run our ‘Sister Courage: Training on street safety’ workshops for your organisation or group. Find out more about Sister Courage here.