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Street harassment online mapping tool

Take part in our community safety audit to record any incidents you experience or witness in Bristol to create a picture of street harassment across the city.


How to record an incident on the map:

Click on the yellow button on the map above or at bristolstreetharassmentproject.ushahidi.io to record incidents – give them a title e.g. ‘whistled at in the park’, add a description and locate them on the map, then use the categories to let us know if it happened to you or if you were a witness, and if it happened in the day or at night. You can also let us know if there is anything that would make you feel safer.

Please include your demographic information, such as your gender, race or ethnicity, and your age e.g. ‘Cis Woman, White, 28’. This information will not be public on your post.

All posts are anonymous and no personal information or names will be included in any post. 

Download the Ushahidi app:

You can add the map as an app on your phone or ipad/tablet to record incidents or share on social media. To set this up go into the ‘store’ and search for Ushahidi then add the deployment bristolstreetharassmentproject.ushahidi.io and search for the survey name ‘Bristol Zero Tolerance’ which can then be downloaded.

How to report on Twitter:

Any tweets using the hashtag #bristolstreetharassment will be collected as submissions and added to the map as long as they contain a location of the incident. Please also include the time of day and if you experieneced or witnessed the harassment.

Please be aware that these will come up on the map as coming from Twitter so will not be anonymous as they will include Twitter handles.

How to report by e-mail:

Reports can also be sent by e-mail to bristolstreetharassment@gmail.com

To ensure we can add it to the map please include in your e-mail:

  • Location of incident
  • Date and time of day of incident e.g. daytime or nighttime
  • Title for submission
  • Description of incident
  • Whether you experienced or witnessed the harassment
  • Your details – e.g. gender, race or ethnicity, and age ideally using the following format: Cis Woman, White, 28. This information is not public on the post.
  • What would make you feel safer? – we ask why people feel unsafe in a particular area or what could be done to make it safer to feed in to potential action that could be taken. This information is not compulsory for a submission.

E-mail addresses will not been included so that you remain anonymous.

What will happen to the data?

We are gathering people’s stories and testimonies to create a picture of the problem of street harassment in the city and to develop a picture of the problem so that we can work towards addressing it. This will feed into our Street Hrassment Action Plan and allow us to target action in particular georgraphical areas or under themes e.g. parks and green spaces.

By sharing stories we can also ensure that the scale or the problem is understood and people do not feel isolated in their experiences. This is a tool for empowering individuals to not be silent and to raise our voices collectively to end street harassment!

Thank you for sharing your story and getting involved.