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Sister Courage: Training on street safety

This series of workshops are part of the Bristol Zero Tolerance Street Harassment Project and look at reclaiming control for those vulnerable to harassment in situations where harm may become present.

  • Workshops are available for organisations, groups and businesses in Bristol to book in your own venue or we can arrange an external venue.
  • Each workshop is 1 hour and 30 mins long for a maximum of 20 people. A 3 hour version is also available.
  • Each workshop is run on a sliding scale from £200 depending on the size of your group/organisation or can be run with donations from attendees (we recommend £3-5 each).

If you would like to find out more please contact info@bristolwomensvoice.org.uk or imogen@whitecranefightingarts.com

The training is also available for schools, colleges and young people – Sister Courage training leaflet for schools and colleges

WORKSHOP 1 – Situational Awareness and Conflict Management

The first workshop starts with Situational Awareness, which trains the observer to explore the environment for points of advantage or threat. This increases confidence in the decision-making process which enables women and girls to set boundaries earlier and therefore limit harassment and abuse to a bare minimum.

This workshop explores the means to break down an environment to see the threat or support within it. This expands the options for the observer, so that the choice is truly theirs as to what boundaries they might set to avoid feeling controlled or unsafe, and how soon to set them. It covers safety in environments, understanding our own reactions in stress and reading body language, as well as the British Law for Self-Defence.

WORKSHOP 2 – Voice and Physical Presence

The second workshop looks at developing a toolkit of de-escalation tactics through use of voice and physical presence. This assists in establishing healthy boundaries and reframing victimisation through greater recognition that responsibility for conflict and abuse is never the victim’s.

This workshop looks at better using the voice and our own body language. Body language accounts for 93% of all communication, of which 55% is non verbal and tone of voice is 38%, however few people ever really learn how to maximise its potential. But when some of us can’t even raise our voice, or loose our voice to stress, how can we feel in control, how can we be heard? If some of us feel either invisible or too visible, how do we make our way freely? This is assertiveness, and it doesn’t happen over night. But small actions every day lead to great results. This workshop will explore ways in which we can work towards this.

WORKSHOP 3 – Self-Defence

The final session is all about simple physical self-defence for those moments when conflict has become unavoidable. Rather than the traditional presentation of risk and threat on all sides which can only promote avoidance strategies, the desire here is to foster proactivity sooner, so women and girls can assert themselves before the threat level rises.

This workshop is a lesson in physical techniques. When you need to leave, when you must make yourself safe, this workshop presents some simple empowering options for self-defence proper. Because of the physical nature of this session those attending are asked to wear something they feel comfortable moving in.