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As well the ‘Domestic Abuse: It’s Your Business’ training and Sister Courage: Training on Street Safety that we offer, Bristol Zero Tolerance works in partnership with other organisations who provide training on gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation to make this available to partners who sign up to the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge and to support them to implement their action plan.

Bristol Zero Tolerance can also find training in other specialist areas if needed. We aim to work with your organisation or business to find the training that is appropriate for you and your staff.

If you would like more information about any of the training mentioned below please us the contact details below. Click on the logo for each organisation to find out more about their work.


OrganisationType of training offeredContentDuration & CapacityCost
ConsentThis training explores consent including: legal definitions, case studies, and sexual violence statistics. It also introduces Bystander Intervention looking at how people are able to identify and safely disrupt abusive situations. This session can be delivered as a workshop or presentation.2 hours

Up to 18 people
Sexual Harassment in the Work Place: Identification, Prevention, and SupportThe workshop will cover definitions of work based sexual harassment, safe intervention methods, and information about best practice for sexual harassment prevention. The session is delivered in a presentation and discussion format and can be delivered in-house and as part of a team meeting. Weekend and evening training slots also are available.2 hours

Up to 18 people
Responding to DisclosuresThis course is for people working in an environment that involves disclosures of sexual violence/sexual abuse. It covers barriers to disclosure; current sexual violence legislation; discussions about safeguarding; information about trauma, flashbacks, and grounding techniques; and the support needs of survivors of rape and sexual violence.1 day

Up to 18 people
Gender Equality in the WorkplaceTIGER provides a range of training for businesses on the impact that gender biases and discrimination can have on the workplace, looking particularly at improving wellbeing and therefore the productivity of all members of staff. If you think there isn’t a problem in your workplace, you may very well be mistaken. Chances are, gender bias is happening unless you have made a concerted effort to systematically examine gender discrimination for your organisation. TIGER can educate managers and employees to recognise gender patterns at work, as well as how to identify, report and negotiate gender discrimination. 90mins, half day, full day (depending on content)

Up to 30 people
£400-£1,200 (depending on the package)
Training on addressing harassment in the night time economy

Ideally for all staff, managers and regular or in-house door staff

To find out more see: www.goodnightoutcampaign.org
This training is designed as an interactive workshop that covers a range of topics in a sensitive way, including:
• What is harassment, who experiences it and how can we safely challenge it?
• The ‘whole team’ approach to handling sexual violence in the venue
• How can racism and homophobia intersect with sexual harassment?
• How can we help create an environment that doesn’t tolerate harassment?
• How to respond to someone disclosing harassment or sexual assault?
• Practical ways to deal with a situation of harassment (4 key takeaway tips)
• De-escalation techniques and responding carefully to shock and trauma
• How to link Good Night Out to your existing safety policies
1 hour

Training can be delivered on site at your premises, or in any suitable space, an external space can be booked if needed
Contact training@goodnightoutcampaign.org for costs
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Domestic Violence and Abuse; LGBT+ AwarenessThe Diversity Trust CIC is a Community Interest Company offering training and consultancy on equality, diversity and inclusion as well as on the prevention of domestic violence and abuse. They work with organisations and companies, online and face-to-face, to deliver small and large training events and conferences on domestic violence and abuse prevention, with a focus on working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) people who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse. They can answer individual queries, audit policies and procedures, and improve accessibility for service users and customers, employees and communities.

Some examples of their wider programmes are: Achieving the Accessible Information Standard, Achieving Cultural Competence, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Identity, LGBT+ Awareness.
Training and facilitation days up to 20 people

Half-day training and facilitation sessions up to 20 people

Equality briefing sessions, with larger audiences
Female genital mutilation (FGM), and engaging young people on challenging issues including ‘honour’ based violence and abuse, gender stereotyping and inequality, sexual harassment, grooming, radicalisation, drug and gang culture and child sexual exploitation (CSE). Integrate UK are also hoping to offer workshops around right-wing extremism, Islamophobia and racism.

Bespoke training available depending on the needs of the organisation.
Local business – donation (suggested: £200)

Free training possible under certain circumstances
Human trafficking and modern slavery

They have three core courses: General Awareness, Working with Trafficked Children and Business Specific Training
Unseen can develop tailored training solutions for many different organisations on all aspects of the multi-agency response to human trafficking and modern slavery, and also including legal definitions, statutory duties and the Modern Slavery Act.

They are able to develop anything from bespoke workshops to larger seminars and conferences.
The standard training package is 3 hours

Up to 30 people
Standard charge for training delivery for 22 people is £1000 (additional delegates up to 30 people are charged at £32 per delegate) plus travel, accommodation and subsistence (if needed)
Self-Defence (Krav Maga) WorkshopsKrav Maga is a reality-based self-defence system which was developed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability, fitness level, strength, size, or experience. Workshop contents can be tailored to suit needs, including both the practical self-defence techniques and discussion-based segments around related issues.

Past workshops have typically included a selection of the following:
• Discussions around relevant topics such as the politics of self-defence, the attacker mentality, and victim-blaming.
• How to move around public spaces confidently.
• The use of verbal commands as a first line of defence and to assert authority over a situation.
• Teaching and practice of the basic strikes (punches, kicks, knees and elbows to name a few).
• Defences against wrist grabs and arm-pulls (based on scenarios one might experience in real life).
• Defences against the most common attacks such as chokes, bearhugs (being picked up) and headlocks, as well as fighting/defending on the ground.
• More advanced content is available, please get in touch with any enquiries about this.
Between 1 and 3 hours (depending on particular focus and needs)

Up to 30 people (please enquire if prospective group size would be larger)
£100 per hour (However, this is negotiable, particularly for charitable groups and third sector organisations)
Understanding Forced Marriage - 1 hour CPD accredited trainingThe session is aimed at developing an understanding of forced marriage and will cover:
· Definition of Forced Marriage, why it occurs across different cultures, women and men. · Difference between a Forced Marriage and an Arranged Marriage. · Key warning signs of Forced Marriages. · The legal position. · Supporting someone experiencing Forced Marriage and/or 'Honour' Based Violence.

Who is the training for? All professionals that may come into contact with forced marriage victims such as Social Workers, Education Staff, Legal Sector, Police Officers, Health Sector, Voluntary Sector etc.
1 hour

More in depth training is also available for 2 hours, 1/2 day and full day.

Contact Sabeena Pirooz at skyproject@hotmail.co.uk for more information
£5 contribution from participants


Bristol Against Violence and Abuse (BAVA) also provide a range of training for professionals through their partners. For current training available see here.