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The Canteen signs up to Bristol Zero Tolerance

The Canteen signs up to Bristol Zero Tolerance

By Clare Lowe , Marketing and Events Manager 

The Canteen has become something of a Stokes Croft institution. Housed underneath the creative hub of Hamilton House it attracts so many people from different walks of life.

Earlier this year we signed the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge. As a venue that offers a place to see live music, party nights and mini raves as well as being a restaurant/café, it is important to us that everyone feels safe a secure within the venue and is safe in the knowledge that anyone displaying any kind of aggression or violence will not be tolerated and will be removed from the building. The Canteen is a place where you should be able to have some drinks and dance without having to worry about your own safety.

The Zero Tolerance pledge provides a clear boundary for the staff to indicate to when a situation arises and having the organisation as a resource has helped change the way in which we have dealt with complaints from our staff and our customers. We are waiting to organise our Good Night Out training that will further help the front of house team to create a friendly and supportive space.

In the future we are looking to have our door staff be trained in the same way our in house staff have been and would love to help spread the message of Bristol Zero Tolerance through fundraising events and gigs.


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