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The Lanes signs up to Bristol Zero Tolerance with a new kind of night!

The Lanes signs up to Bristol Zero Tolerance with a new kind of night!

By The Lanes

The Lanes is a multi-purpose venue showcasing craft beer, amazing pizza, bowling, karaoke, live music and club nights bringing in a wide crowd, along with a hostel above.

With such a diverse range of services we get a wide range of people and it’s our mission to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable in our venue so they can enjoy themselves. We will never tolerate anybody who tries to do otherwise. Bristol Zero Tolerance is a great way of demonstrating this fact, making everyone aware of it and acting on it. The number of businesses signed up also demonstrates that it’s not just one venue that doesn’t tolerate it; Bristol doesn’t accept it!

With putting club nights on regularly, we find women do not come forward about guys acting inappropriately enough and as we are looking to put more gigs on with the introduction of a new stage and sound system, we are wary that a lot of women will not go to gigs as they don’t feel comfortable. We really want to stop that and make sure anybody feels welcome in The Lanes and feels like they are safe and can relax and enjoy themselves.

We are teaming up with Wig in a Box Promotions to bring RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Acid Betty to The Lanes. It’s going to be a night of drag acts and DJs, with a club night going on until 3am.

Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2433173633420642/

We have always had a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination at The Lanes, but have decided to officially become a Bristol Zero Tolerance venue alongside this event, as we have never put on anything like this before and believe it will draw a diverse crowd, and especially attract members of the LGB&T community. We want our customers to be assured that our venue is a safe space, where harassment and violence towards any person will not be tolerated.


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