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The Old Market Assembly leads the way for Zero Tolerance venues in Bristol

The Old Market Assembly leads the way for Zero Tolerance venues in Bristol

By Clare Lowe, Events Coordinator

The Old Market Assembly has been open since December 2015 and in late 2016 as well as being a restaurant/bar we started to have more late night events in the venue along with our weekend music nights and nightly shows at The Wardrobe Theatre. The building has a rich history within Old Market and we are keen to make it a community hub once again, a place where everyone, no matter what sexuality or gender they identify as, feel comfortable and safe.

This March we signed the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge. As a multi-faceted venue it is so important to us that everyone, whether visiting for a theatre performance, a meal out, a quick drink, or a night of music and dancing, knows that we are a place for everyone and can be safe in the knowledge that anyone displaying any kind of aggression or violence will not be tolerated and will be removed from the building.

For us this pledge and the Good Night Out training we have received as a result of it is essential. Our bar staff are now confident in how to deal with aggressive situations, how to speak to someone who has experienced inappropriate language or harassment and how to call it out if they see it themselves. This isn’t only for the safety of our customers but also for the wellbeing of our own staff. An initiative like this is an invaluable resource that helps keep the atmosphere within our venue fun, friendly and social.

In the future we are looking to have our door staff be trained in the same way our in house staff have been and would love to have more fundraising nights (like Read My Lips we had in March) for Bristol Zero Tolerance to help them spread the message. Bristol is known to be a progressive, friendly city and everything Bristol Zero Tolerance stands for reflects that and enables venues to do so too.


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