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Using music to challenge gender-based harassment: Hack A Heckle

Using music to challenge gender-based harassment: Hack A Heckle

By Hack A Heckle

Hack A heckle is a social action campaign run by a collective of musicians, creatives and activists aged 18-25 who are passionate about using the power of music to challenge gender-based harassment in Bristol and the UK. We believe music can be used as a powerful tool to spread important messages, so we set up a series of performances around Bristol to raise awareness and talk to people about their experiences. The campaign launched on the 22nd July at Bristol Harbour Fest and we performed at Bristol Balloon Fiesta, At-Bristol (now We The Curious), and a number of busking spots around the city.

We also conducted a survey as part of the campaign, which was a valuable asset to our research, as we managed to collect data from over 120 people. This data will help form a larger analysis by Bristol Zero Tolerance ADD LINK. In short, the survey solidified our belief that gender harassment is experienced by all ages and genders, in many different situations. It also shed some light on the emotional and psychological effects of harassing behaviour such as groping, unwanted sexual advances, cat-calling, misogynistic comments, derogatory remarks and heckles on the street.

Moved by the conversations we had with ourselves and others, we produced an EP to reflect the different experiences and emotions people face as a result of gender harassment. You can get a feel for the message of the EP by listening at hackaheckle.bandcamp.com/album/hah-ep.

All of us from Hack A Heckle are proud to be signing the pledge and supporting Bristol Zero Tolerance. As musicians we’ve all experienced or witnessed gender-based harassment in some form or another and are driven to making Bristol a Zero Tolerance City. Joining the wave of organisations in making this a reality, we will continue to raise awareness and support safer spaces, celebrate new initiatives and condemn gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation.



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