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Why Nozey Parkers have signed the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge

Why Nozey Parkers have signed the Bristol Zero Tolerance pledge

By Tina Marie Parker

Nozey Parkers are Bristol based business advisors, analysts and trouble-shooters, who are owned and managed by Tina Marie Parker. Their clients range from 5 to 200 staff, or £100,000 to £10,000,000 turnover and are based UK wide. Tina is personally motivated to sign up to Bristol Zero Tolerance as gender-based violence is an issue that she feels strongly about.

Tina has over 30 years’ experience of helping make SME business run more efficiently and productively. She coaches and advises the business owners and managers, on running their companies more effectively, and also, how to manage their staff, so that they are all working together, to achieve the business’ goals. Tina also works with the staff, to streamline the systems and processes, to save the business time, energy and money. This results in happy, motivated staff; returning, satisfied customers and very content business owners and managers.

Tina started Nozey Parkers back in 2013, because she knows that many business owners can feel like they never have the time to take a breath and plan for what’s next, and they can feel guilty about not spending more time with loved ones. By being really Nozey in their businesses, Tina helps the business owners ditch the chaos and create efficient, productive organisations so they no longer feel overwhelmed and out of control.

She helps them become more structured and teaches them systemised ways of working in their business that gives them back at least 1 day a week. Fewer mistakes are made, so therefore less money and time are spent on putting things right. This allows the business owners to either work on other things within the business, or take time out to be with their friends and family, or just play golf!

Tina’s background and beliefs are the main reason for her and Nozey Parkers wanting to make sure there is mutual respect between business owners, managers and their staff. As Tina states “many business owners don’t give enough time and energy to making sure their staff are happy in their work. I believe it is vital for managers and owners to understand their staff members and what drives and motivates them. If a staff member is being subject to violence at home, could you spot it?

I was subject to domestic violence and verbal abuse for 14 years, from my first husband, and I often wonder now if anyone at my places of work, could have spotted it and helped me put things right a lot sooner. I got out when my Ex turned his aggression towards our 3 year old daughter.

“The training that Women’s Aid are going to provide to businesses and staff is vital in helping to recognise what to look out for in victims and the perpetrators. It will help victims realise what is happening to them and will encourage them to speak out and not suffer in silence. Even though I have been a victim, I will be taking part in the training too.

“Thinking back, at the time I did not know I was being abused. I knew I was not happy but I assumed every marriage was the same! I am now very happily married and living with my new husband and our 3 daughters in Bristol. Recently I have had to call on social services for help as my Ex started being abusive to my youngest daughter again, and I have also had to seek other specialised help from SARSAS with respect to one of my other daughters.

That is why I advocate everything that Bristol Zero Tolerance stands for and is trying to achieve. There is not enough backing and financial support for the groups that are there to help the victims of violence, abuse and exploitation. Local authorities and businesses should give Bristol Zero Tolerance their backing and sign up to the pledge. Business owners and managers should also attend the training and review their policies and procedures to improve staff safety and create safer working environments.”

Nozey Parkers have signed the pledge and are putting their action plan in place. Tina Marie Parker is also helping to raise awareness of the pledge and initiative amongst her fellow Bristol business owners.

Bristol is a vibrant city, full of people from many different ethnic groups, and at everyone’s heart is that Bristol is a great place to live and work, so let’s make it a safe place to be as well, where violence, in whatever form, is not tolerated.”


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