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Women’s Aid working in partnership with Bristol Zero Tolerance

Women’s Aid working in partnership with Bristol Zero Tolerance

By Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid has taken the pledge and is committed to raising awareness of domestic abuse and becoming a partner of Bristol Zero Tolerance.

The Director of Services at Women’s Aid, Nicki Norman, signed the pledge and said:

“Women’s Aid started in 1974, with women coming together to create dedicated services for other women and their children, to help them find a safe space away from violence and abuse in the home.

As a partner of Bristol Zero Tolerance, Women’s Aid will fulfil their pledge by supporting survivors to break free from abuse and raise awareness so that communities are better equipped to recognise and prevent gender-based violence. We will also continue campaign to raise the status of women in society to a level where violence against them can no longer be tolerated. Together our voice is stronger, together our voice is louder.”

We are pleased that Bristol Zero Tolerance is supporting the launch of our Domestic Violence in the Workplace project, which is funded by Bristol City Council – Public Health. We have developed a training day that will raise awareness of domestic abuse and work place issues – part of this will involve delivering some free training sessions to small businesses in Bristol on how best to implement policies and procedures within their workplace and support employees experiencing domestic abuse.


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