• Artists needed to help subvertise sexist adverts!

    Do you hate sexist and misogynist advertising?

    Do you want to challenge sexist images and ideas in advertising?

    A new subvertising campaign coming to Bristol soon is looking for designs to use across the city. The campaign will use street art and creative processes to challenge the ideas and images that advertising present and present alternatives to get people thinking and feeling.

    Images can be specific and realistic or abstract and utopian, they can be satirical, funny or serious.

    Artworks can be portrait with template size (1:4 scale) 300mm x 450mm or landscape with template size (1:4 scale) 1524mm x 762mm. Templates are available in ai, psd and pdf formats.

    Artworks must be in CMYK or GREYSCALE and if selected they will be printed in large format digital printing.

    Each person can submit a maximum of 2 images.

    Please send all submissions to charlotte@bristolwomensvoice.org.uk by SUNDAY MARCH 12th and you will be sent further information about the campaign.

    Image by Hannah Adamaszek used in Bristol.

    Imagine An Alternative…

    Imagine a city where you aren’t s product being sold.

    Imagine a city built around hope, rather than fear and division.

    Imagine a city that doesn’t commodify childhood, race, gender or sexuality.

    Imagine a city that values play over profit.

    Imagine a city built on solidarity, equity, dignity, and social justice.

    Imagine a city that values the soil, the air.

    Imagine a city where public art and ideas replace adverts.

    Imagine how that city would change when the stories are our own and how we too would change with our city.


    Example of an image used to address street harassment from the project http://stoptellingwomentosmile.com/ 

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