• Celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 with Bristol Zero Tolerance!!

    Come and celebrate International Women’s Day with us on Saturday 3rd March 2018 in the Bristol Zero Tolerance room!

    Bristol Women’s Voice are marking International Women’s Day 2018 with an exciting and packed programme of music, interactive theatre, workshops, hot topic debates and much, much more. We are taking over City Hall to remember the influential suffrage movement in Bristol and draw attention to the successes we have achieved and the challenges still ahead.

    Bristol Zero Tolerance will be running our own room in The Writing Room on the First Floor with a focus on gender-based violence issues and showcasing the amazing services and projects happening in the city.

    Our programme for the day is below:

    11am – 12pmWorkshopAwareness in Domestic Violence and AbuseWould you like to understand more about Domestic Violence and Abuse? Do you want to feel prepared if you suspect friends or family are in need of support? Bristol’s lead domestic abuse service provider, NEXT LINK, will be facilitating a workshop to raise awareness about the dynamics of domestic violence and abuse, who it effects and the impact on families. All participants will leave fully informed of the services provided in Bristol for women and children experiencing DVA, and how they can support family or friends who may be affected.
    12-12.20pmSpeakerFind out about the new gender hate crime category and how you can report street harassmentHelen Riddell, Avon and Somerset Police Hate Crime Coordinator, will give more information on the new hate crime category and answer questions on how to report.
    12.20-12.40pmFilmsUsing the power of film to fight modern slaveryWatch films from Unchosen to find out more about modern slavery and what can be done about it.
    12.40-1pmSpeakerMaking gigs safer for womenEstablished in 2015, Safe Gigs for Women is an initiative founded to combat sexual harassment and assault in live music. They work with artists, event organisers and gig-goers to raise awareness of the issue and put preventative measures in place, as well as spreading a positive message of consent and zero tolerance to abuse across all areas of the music industry
    1.20-1.40pmSpeaker#MyClitorisInformation about Intergrate UK's work on FGM in Bristol and showing the #MyClitoris video.
    1.40-2.40pmWorkshopEnding Rape Culture Action WorkshopIt's easy to feel frustrated by the uphill struggle we have against rape culture. It's ok to get mad about this; but what’s even better is to do something about it. In this workshop we will be exploring how we can make a difference:
    - How to support your local specialist sexual violence services
    - Bystander intervention
    - Activism
    It's not easy, but together we can end rape culture! This workshop is being run by Lisa Benjamin; the Training and Information Officer for Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support (SARSAS).
    2.40 – 3pmSpeakerModern Slavery and Human TraffickingGemma Davis speaks about Unseen's work addressing modern slavery and human trafficking.
    3 - 4pmWorkshopThe concept of ‘honour’Integrate UK young activists will be demonstrating the resources they use to open discussion around forced / arranged marriage among young people in schools and colleges. Their powerful film and workshop encourage people to think about how they use social media and how each of us can become unconsciously complicit. It also initiates discussion around the belief that a family’s ‘honour’ is the responsibility of girls.
    4.10-5pmPanel discussionTaking action on gender-based violence in Bristol – how far have we come and what can you do? Panel members include:
    - SARSAS
    - Melissa Blackburn, Unchosen
    - Alex Raikes, SARI/Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Services
    - Integrate UK
    - Safe Gigs for Women

    With more to be confirmed…

    We will also have stalls and information all day from:

    With a crèche and child friendly activities, this is the biggest International Women’s Day event in Bristol. Free (or £3 donation) tickets are available from Eventbrite

    Follow the Bristol Women’s Voice International Women’s Day event on facebook for updates.

    Here is the programme for the whole day:

    International Women's Day Programme_FINAL

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