• Heart to Heart: a low cost counselling service for individuals in the community

    Heart to Heart offers income-based counselling for those experiencing domestic abuse. Please share information about the support available with colleagues, friends or family:

    Are you in a violent relationship? Feel you can’t talk to anyone around you? If only there was someone you could tell everything to, to gain the tools and strength you need to make the changes in your life you desperately need! Whatever the reason or however it may be effecting you, talking to a professional counsellor may help.

    At Heart to heart Bristol we have qualified integrative counsellors who are passionate about providing a low cost counselling service to individuals in the community.

    Counselling can be useful for anyone who wants to explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions. In our work we will explore strategies to  help improve your life quality, in ways that are creatively tailored to you and your needs.

    Our therapy allows you to really feel heard without being judged. We understand it is hard to afford counselling especially for people in vulnerable situations and that is why we offer a range of low prices depending on your income. 

    This needs to change! Take the first step today by sending a message via: www.hearttoheartbristol.co.uk

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