• Hollaback! Creative Action on Sexual Harassment in London

    By Gabriella Neal

    Hollaback! is a grassroots initiative to raise awareness about and combat street harassment by collecting photographs and narrative accounts of individuals’ encounters.

    Hollaback! has also trained over 550 young leaders to become site leaders in their communities. All participants receive a period of six months free training, monthly webinars on strategic planning, technology, intersectionality, community outreach, social and traditional media, volunteering, and public speaking. Each individual and team gains skills to run a site and engage ‘on-the-ground’ action. Hollaback! also created a platform to help end online harassment, HeartMob. They believe freedom of speech online doesn’t mean anything if individuals are not free from abuse and harassment. Through this platform, individuals can ask for support. The goal is to reduce trauma for people being harassed online by giving them immediate support.

    Other parts of the amazing work Hollaback! does involves trainings and workshops, speaking and presenting in colleges, schools and to other organizations across the country, as well as internationally. Some workshop topics include: Leveraging Technology to End Street Harassment, Building a Movement Around Ending Street Harassment through Story Sharing, How to Address Online Harassment and Cyberbullying, Bystander Intervention Techniques and How to Build a Movement That Matters.


    During the 16 Days of Activism, Hollaback! hosted a range of events around creative action to fight sexual harassment.

    Hollaback! London shared stories of sexual harassment in public spaces around the capital teaming up with a series of incredible artists to transform the words of women, girls and non-binary people into artwork. Starting with a launch and exhibition, at least one artist’s work was exhibited or performed each day in different, sometimes unusual, public spaces.

    From illustration and photography to installations and projections, the project found ways of reaching more than just the people who already access Hollaback! so that more women and non-binary people feel able to speak out about the harassment they have experienced.

    Some of the brilliant artists featured in the diverse lineup included:

    Urban Projections is the work and collaborations of multimedia artist Rebecca Smith and fuses hand-crafted art-forms with digital technologies.

    Of the popular photography blog Cheer Up Luv

    A hugely talented embroidery artist who also creates for gal-dem magazine





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