• Join the Bristol Street Harassment Project!

    Bristol Zero Tolerance are inviting people across Bristol to participate in the Bristol Street Harassment Project, which is a new Bristol Zero Tolerance campaign looking at addressing and tackling the problem of street harassment locally 

    More than 80% of women worldwide and many LGBTQ individuals experience street harassment, and in the UK EVAW found that 64% of women of all ages have experienced unwanted sexual harassment in public places. Misogyny and hate crime is on the rise and we need to find better ways of getting to the root of the problem and find a real solution.Bristol Zero Tolerance have been approached by numerous local women to highlight this as a local problem and want to work on this as part of creating a Zero Tolerance City.  

    Now we need your help to gather evidence and raise awareness of the issue!  

    Bristol Zero Tolerance are gathering peoples stories and testimonies in the form of videos and written accounts to develop a picture of the problem in the city.Please help us to gather evidence of street harassment around the city by telling us about your experiences, or those of others, to develop a picture of the problem so that we can work towards addressing it.

    There are several ways you can do this: 

    1. Fill in a short survey. The survey should take 10-15 mins to complete and can be completely anonymous if you wish. To access and fill in the survey go to:  https://tinyurl.com/lj9qw7t

    1. You can also take part in a community safety audit to record any incidents of street harassment across the city using a mapping tool online or on smartphones: https://bristolstreetharassmentproject.ushahidi.io  

    1. Share your story in an interview. Interviews will be conducted by an experienced researcher, in a location which participants are happy with and can be completely anonymous should a participant wish. Any outcome of the interview will be used with the consent and in the accordance with the wishes of the interviewee. To express willingness to be interviewed and for more information on the process please contact us on research@bristolwomensvoice.org.uk 

    Participants will have an option to opt in to being filmed at the end of the survey or in the course of the interview. Any filmed material will be used with the consent and in the accordance of the wishes of the participant with the goal to further inform the campaign. For an example of how similar approaches have changed the way police tackle street harassment in Nottingham, see our blog.

    You can also upload your own film online and instructions for how to do this are here.

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