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    We are a team of researchers looking to recruit women survivors of domestic violence and abuse to our study advisory group. The main role of the group is to provide a survivor perspective on the study activities.

    Mindfulness for Trauma study

    In collaboration with a group of survivors, we have adapted a standard mindfulness talking therapy for the treatment of posttraumatic stress. Now we plan to finalise the adaptations with help from health professionals and survivors and then test the adapted therapy in a small study. Study period: February 2018 – August 2020.

    Your involvement

    We anticipate that the group of up to five women survivors will meet with female researchers at the University of Bristol (Canynge Hall, BS8 2PS) twice a year. In addition, you may be asked to help with one-off tasks such as reviewing study documentation, to ensure that it can be understood by the lay person.

    Time commitment

    A half-day twice a year to attend meetings plus time to read meeting documentation. We will reimburse your travel expenses and offer a £20 shopping voucher for each meeting and one-off consultation.


    • Interest in research
    • Ability to travel to the University of Bristol
    • Ability to communicate by email

    How do I find out more?

    Please contact Natalia Lewis for further information: 0117 928 7246 or email: Nat.Lewis@bristol.ac.uk.

    Please email Nat.Lewis@bristol.ac.uk to note your interest.


    5 February 2018

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