• Queen Cunt – Sacred or Profane?

    Acclaimed performers China Blue Fish and Deborah Antoinette collaborate to create an hour long sketch show:

    ‘Queen Cunt – Sacred or Profane?’ playing at The Wardrobe Theatre on the 29th & 30th September 2017: A joyful and anarchic look at what it is to be a woman in today’s world.

    “Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, Kill their children, Practice witchcraft, Destroy capitalism, And become lesbians”

    Come and see us do all of this…and more!

    Venus is about to collide with Earth! A multi-character melange of opinion paints the stage rainbow coloured, sequined, hairy and fleshy pink…

    With characters ranging from Virgin Mary, to Theresa May, Frida Kahlo & Earth Priestesses to Burt the drag king.

    In an age where passing trends compel some to surgical operation, where mainstream porn has hijacked sensuality, we delve into the wild waters of womanhood, reclaiming the body in a joyful, dark & often anarchic exploration.

    This is the quest of two comedic female performers to tell it how it has never been told before!

    Discovering what is left that really is sacred and feminine, and what exactly is profane?

    This risk-taking sketch show asks, ‘why is it that one of the most potent words indicating the female sexual organ is such a criminal expression?’ and will seek to take you on a ride of the absurd through characters ranging from The Virgin Mary to Theresa May, Frida Kahlo to Burt The Drag King and many more…

    Expect darkly comic, expect personal perspective, expect not turning a blind eye to gender violence and a joyful reclaiming of the female body and voice!

    Inspired by the Vagina Monologues exposition of the word in the 90s, revealing that ‘cunt’ comes from the same root as ‘queen’, China and Deborah thought it was about time there was a piece of theatre that really opened up….the word, and here it is!

    China Blue & Deborah Antoinette are performance art activists, intersectional feminists who make political & socially engaged work. They use the language of movement, poetic text & intimate audience connection to open new possibilities in audiences’ imaginations.



    Alongside their show, they are running workshops in empowerment through play .

    This day workshop is designed to empower you through both movement & song – alongside their debut, devised, absurd physical comedy show.

    Both women & men are welcome to this workshop: They will invite you to explore feminsm & womanly-ness through creating sketches on your chosen aspect of the theme. Whether you are a man trying to get your head around feminism, a gender-fluid person who thinks its all a load of old fashined delineation, or a woman who wishes to re-define herself beyond the ridiculous limitations society sets around what it is to be female. Deborah & China will nuture & guide your curiosity – to create a short sketch by the end of the day.


    Participants can expect to discover physical comedy techniques based in Clown & Buffon styles, as well some improv comedy games to warm up. There will be an exploration of vocal techniques & song for those leaning towards cabaret style sketches. Throughout the day there will be partner work, solo work, tailored feedback and group exercises. Culminating in a performance sharing at 5:30pm of all of YOUR VERY OWN SKETCHES.

    The series will increase confidence, nurture freedom in movement, body & voice, and celebrate the multiplicity of stories and perspective of those who attend.

    Please bring movement clothes, a picture/object/quote/song which is your inspiration & 1 prop of your choice, as starting points for your creative process.

    If you would like to book on to this workshop, please go to our Kickstarter page and choose ‘Goddess Portal’.


    Deborah and China are looking for financial support to make this show happen. If you like the sound of their work, please donate whatever you can to their campaign. All contributions are much appreciated no matter how much or how little! Kickstarter.

    Thank you in advance and hope to see you at the show on the 29th and 30th September at The Wardrobe Theatre !


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