• Still time to respond to Council consultation on priority housing for survivors of domestic abuse!

    The deadline has been extended to respond to the Bristol City Council draft proposal that sets out a change to how the Council prioritises victims of domestic abuse living in refuge provision through the council housing banding system.

    Find out more about the consultation and how to respond here.

    You can now send your responses until this Friday 6 January 2017.

    Read the Bristol Zero Tolerance and Bristol Women’s Voice response here.

    So far 182 people have responded to the 38 Degrees version of the consultation which will be sent to the Council separately. This shows that:

    The majority of respondents agree with the aims of the policy

    • To significantly reduce the length of time it takes to rehouse high risk victims of domestic abuse and by doing this
    • To increase the availability of refuge/safe house places so more households can benefit from this safe and supportive environment

    However, the majority also do not feel that the policy will actually achieve these aims.

    Responses to other questions included:


    We hope that these responses and those to the Council’s own consultation will help to make the point that the proposed policy does not go far enough and more must be done to meet the needs of those experiencing domestic violence and abuse in Bristol. This policy must feed into wider improvements to social housing provision in the city in order to ensure that the most vulnerable, including those fleeing domestic abuse, are being adequately housed and are able to find safety for themselves and their families.


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