Submit your video testimony

Filming instructions:


  • Record at the highest quality – HD if possible
  • Film in landscape (e.g. hold the phone sideways)
  • Here are some shot sizes/examples:









  • Don’t stand in front of bright lights/windows
  • Try to have even lighting on the person being filmed
  • If possible, film in the daytime with natural light


  • Project your voice – but don’t shout – being clear is crucial
  • Stand about 1 metre (or closer) from the camera
  • If you stumble a word, pause, then start that bit again

You may want to write out your story first and then read it to camera or you may be reading another person’s story but please try to look up at the camera as well.

Please remember to use language that we can easily put out on social media or deliver to local bodies such as the Council and Avon and Somerset Police, we don’t have the time to bleep or edit videos.

Once you’ve made your video please send it to us, alternatively, if you would like us to come and film you or to make it anonymous please contact

By sending your video you are agreeing for it to be used as part of the Bristol Zero Tolerance Street Harassment campaign and shown to various audiences as well as potentially online.

You can also download The Bristol Street Harassment Project filming instructions.

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