• UNITY – A new night in Bristol supporting survivors of sexual violence and harassment

    By Nick Bignall

    If you like jazz, soul, hip-hop, and reggae, then help light up the dark this St. Patrick’s Day at The Old Market Assembly with a night of positive and funky vibes. On March the 17th, allow your soul to be soothed throughout the evening as Ruby Confue, Normanton Street and Jashwha Moses and the Full Force Power Band connect with your mind, body and spirit, and offer you words of wisdom and food for thought. Let the light continue with DJ sets from labels Earthtrax and Beat Bandit Recordings, as we offer you a little bit of sonic hope.

    £3 minimum on the door and all the money goes to supporting SARSAS; a local charity who help survivors of sexual violence. Don’t be afraid of the dark – stand in unity with us and help the people.

    The reason we’ve chosen to specifically do a gig is because we wanted to take an artistic approach, and offer hope. Sexual violence or harassment is something that can happen to anyone, and we wanted to pay our respects to SARSAS and those who they support. This is our first time doing anything like this, and the type of music was important, given the cause. There’ll be people there from SARSAS if anyone needs more info/needs to talk to someone. As The Old Market Assembly is a Zero Tolerance venue, the location couldn’t be better. We were very mindful and cautious when organising, because we wanted to get it right, but we were keen to have a festival feel, because festivals are fun, free-spirited and anyone is welcome to them.

    However, we are still raising money for a charity, so the trick was to balance fun with supporting a cause. We will be running a raffle to maximize the amount raised, which will hopefully happen on the night itself if there is enough time and interest. We also have some music up for grabs in an online like-and-share competition. Each artist has donated some of their music for this. So to sum up, we wanted to support a cause we care about in a fun, vibrant way, where people have a chance of getting something out of it. Win/win.

    We set up this crowdfunder with JustGiving: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sarah-clare-1 which we are primarily using to cover costs of the gig. However, any excess money from it will be added to the amount we raise for SARSAS. The crowdfunder encouraged people to suggest challenges for us to do, along with an amount they’d donate to see us do it. They’d receive video proof. So far, our challenges have included eating stupidly hot chilies, raw onions and rotten fish. We weren’t limiting ourselves to food challenges by any means, but these were the most convenient. And their extreme nature was intended to bring peoples’ awareness to how extremely horrific sexual violence and harassment really is. Also, they could be extreme without being inappropriate and without too many expenses being incurred.

    Find out more about the event and tell your friends! https://www.facebook.com/events/138799256921627/?active_tab=about


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