• What our local MPs think about Bristol Zero Tolerance

    **This piece contains references to content that some readers may find upsetting or triggering**

    Thangam Debbonaire MP:

    Violence against women and girls is a cause and a consequence of gender inequality and it is one of the biggest causes of premature death of women and girls worldwide. I spent 26 years before becoming an MP working to end violence against women and girls and promoting gender equality. I worked with survivors, perpetrators, young people and policy makers to help to prevent intimate partner violence and to set up projects in schools and youth work. I also worked with policy makers and researchers across the world to help end gender-based violence globally. I want to see stronger laws and better enforcement to keep women and girls safe from violence, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, female genital mutilation, prostitution and other forms of violence and abuse.

    Being able to do more to influence policy and practice to end violence against women and girls is a big part of why I decided to stand for election to be an MP. I will do everything I can to support individuals and help projects set up to support women and girls, as well as push for better legislation nationally. In my own constituency of Bristol West, I am proud that Bristol has projects like One25 which supports women in street prostitution and helps them to leave.

    I support the Zero Tolerance initiative and have done from the start. It is essential that we work together as a city to make everywhere safe and free from violence and abuse.”


    Charlotte Leslie MP:

    Having met with Bristol Zero Tolerance and learning of the fantastic work they do in aiming to eradicate gender-based violence in our city, I was really impressed by the commitment of the organisation in tackling issues like domestic abuse, harassment, sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation. They have a refreshing, inclusive, energetic approach, and I am so proud that Bristol may be helping to pave the way for other cities to follow.”


    Kerry McCarthy MP:

    I was delighted to meet with representatives of Bristol Zero Tolerance recently to discuss the work they are doing in the city. Far too many people in Bristol, particularly women and girls, are subjected to gender-based abuse and exploitation, and we need initiatives like this to address these problems at a local level. I look forward to seeing how organisations and city leaders throughout Bristol work with Zero Tolerance to make our city a fairer and safer place to live.

    I am pleased that Zero Tolerance is already working in partnership with a range of public and private sector groups in Bristol to challenge gender-based attitudes. I hope that the work of the group will inspire similar initiatives in other areas of the country.”


    Karin Smyth MP:

    Karin Smyth MP Commons-4-June-2015

    By leading the campaign to ensure our city has a Zero Tolerance approach towards gender-based violence and exploitation, Bristol’s Women’s Commission is shaping a vital agenda.

    I have drawn the attention of government Ministers to this important work and look forward to helping further support and promote the initiative in the weeks and months ahead.”

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